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Giovina Gallery, a photography gallery for emerging photo artists, is pleased to announce that we are accepting submissions for “IT DOESN’T MATTER.”  This is an open call for a juried show featuring photography and photo based art. All entries will be shown in the gallery and twenty selected images will be printed (8.5"x11" on heavyweight paper) and showcased for the exhibit. Entrants submit JPEG files of original work. Artists may submit up to two entries.

Entry Fee is free for two prints.

Deadline is April 15

Submission Rules:

Registration and submission are done via email only. JPEG files are the only accepted submissions under 2MB each.

Show Dates:
May 2011

Opening Reception:


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Click here to send your entries

Format file name with artist name, underscores for spaces, followed by .jpg extension  your_name.jpg        your_name_two.jpg

Upload Tips: Use Save For Web command in Photoshop set to JPEG at maximum quality to reduce file size and keep your images looking good. Make sure your file names end with .jpg or .jpeg. Anything close to 1600x1200 pixels and under 2mb (1.9mb) is fine. With JPEG compression set at highest quality the images will look substantially the same at much smaller file sizes with shorter upload times and less chance for difficulty in uploading files.

The Giovina Gallery is a photography gallery dedicated solely to photo-based media to provide a platform for emerging artists.